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A Serious Message from Bing:

If any of you have seen the guinea pigs recently featured on the show "Pet Star" on Animal Planet, I'd like to deliver a warning. Please do not try to make your guinea pigs "sing" by pushing their hair in the wrong direction like those girls did. We guinea pigs don't like that, and the sound everybody thought was "singing" was really the sound we make when we're scared or in pain. You don't want to ever hear your pet make that sound!

I cried like that when my mom brought me to the vet and I got stuck with a needle! (I don't like needles!) That sound may have been funny to humans who don't understand our communication, but it's not funny to a defenseless guinea pig like me.

Thank you for listening, most people don't pay attention to us because we're not very big!

Well, most guinea pigs are not very big. I just happen to be a bit larger than most, you know, because I'm tall and big boned. heh heh :) Have a great day.




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Save a life by NOT buying guinea pigs from pet stores.
GO TO PETFINDER! There's also ALWAYS a ton of Guinea Pigs on Craigslist - please check there as well for guinea pigs in need of a home before you buy from a pet store!

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Bing left us spring of 2007, shortly before his brother Frank. Frank always followed Bing everywhere, much to his annoyance...I know wherever they are in the universe, Frank is still following Bing and stealing lettuce out of his mouth. Bing was an amazing little soul and we will miss him forever.

The site lives on though, despite AOL closing down its doors. I hope people continue to enjoy Bing's legacy, and always treat your guinea pigs well- take them to the vet, treat them like a member of the family...feed them better than you would feed yourself. They deserve it.

don't forget to check out for spacious accomodations for your little ones.

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